“Working together for YOUR digital ambitions”

About Us

Every organization is unique and at thedigitalfunders we invest our time, effort and resources to work with you to help everyone get a better understanding of your needs and ambitions.

We work with you to achieve a sensible strategy and business plan that will create value for the organization and offer investors an exciting opportunity.

thedigitalfunders  bring a vast level of experience in the digital media sector with access to further specific knowledge from our portfolio of partners, contacts and investors.

Once investment is ready to be sought thedigitalfunders will work with the management team to understand the best source of funding for your organization from the numerous different forms we can access and ranging from grants, interest free loans to multi-million investment deals.

With thedigitalfunders as your partner it does not stop there. Our team can make a real difference for your organization with its broad range of operational and strategic skills and expertise combined with a hands-on approach.

thedigitalfunders' aim is to help you achieve YOUR ambitions for YOUR organization. We want to help you achieve value creation which will enable you to raise further funding, if necessary, from third party investors and at significantly improved valuations with an exit that suits all parties involved.

With our combined extensive funding experience and a strong investment track record, we have been successfully involved in numerous transactions.